19 Dec

When the word “Gift Hamper” is mentioned what comes to mind? A wooden basket filled with items like Cornflakes, Biscuit, St Louis sugar, bottle of wine, Juice, and a host of very regular and super boring items we see year after year after year. If you send this type of hamper as a gift to someone, it most likely joins a host of similar gift baskets and you will be forgotten faster than one of your cornflakes boxes.

However, if you really want to make a statement with your gift hampers, consider sending a leather inspired hamper enriched with some fantastic ideas!

It’s very unique, very classy and the receiver will remember you long after the items in the basket/box are done. Let’s take a look at how to make one shall we;

Leather gift containers come in various beautiful options. Your choice of container largely depends on the content of your hamper and who you are giving it to.


The beauty of a leather container is the fact that your recipient can use the container for several other things, ranging from a magazine rack to a box for delicate items.


To achieve that unique, picture perfect look with your hamper, consider filling the container with hay.

Try something different, consider making a cosmetics hamper as an alternative to the regular provisions hamper. You could stick to a specific brand or choose to vary. This could be cosmetics for women or men. A leather basket or leather gift box will accomplish this task perfectly.


Astonish your recipient with a sweet tooth hamper. Keep it strictly chocolates, sweets, jams etc. Display them in a portable, tasteful leather gift box and you can win the heart of the most difficult person.

When giving your father in-law a hamper, you really want to make a good impression (or else you will have to return his daughter). Try giving him a wine inspired leather box hamper. It’s sophisticated and strong. You could mix strong drinks with non alcoholic or keep it simple. This all depends on your recipient.

Another way to make a unique leather hamper is to make a leather fruit basket. This will be well appreciated and the leather basket can be used over and over again.


For the rest of us who would rather stick with our old ways and just give out a provisions hamper as always, you can choose between a box and a basket container. The box can be customized to your specifications or you could just replace a wooden basket with a leather one to give the hamper a whole new look.

Finally, packaging is everything. Make sure you wrap your hamper as elegantly as possible. Seal boxes with ribbons to give it the “gift” feel and bow a leather basket hamper like you would do to a basket hamper. In all, let the recipient feel honored and special because you took your time in sending a gift.

Happy Holidays People!!!

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