Every man – male or female, of style has at least one leather bag, leather belt or leather watch. However, there are quite a few elegant and simple leather accessories that many don’t have but will add style to their personality with a touch of sophistication. Here are few examples:


It’s so stylish to see a good looking gentle man sling a stylish leather shoulder bag over his shoulders. It’s perfect for carrying document or gadgets and a sure way to get the ladies attention


Protect your cheque with an elegant leather cheque book holder. Additionally, it’s definitely more stylish to sign a cheque on a leather cheque book holder than on the bare table.


A leather casing for your iPad gives the gadget a sophisticated look and feel. Moreover, you are rest assured your device is well protected from natural elements. Aside the nice feel it adds to it, the leather casing is much better than the polyurethane version.


Picture walking into a meeting, a presentation or an interview with a unique leather document or file holder. Everyone gets the message instantly: You got taste!




This is definitely not for men. Pucker up ladies! Extract your lipstick from an elegant leather lipstick case (or lip gloss for those of us who are not quite bold enough for a stick.) and astound bystanders. Won’t you admire a lady with something that unique? I know I will.


You have this party after work and you can’t possibly wear the same boring pearls for a TGIF party. Mull over owning a sophisticated leather jewelry case/roll that fits perfectly in your handbag. You can carry it everywhere you go and the minute you bring it out on display, you will be the envy of the town.

So.. are you ready to style up your swag?

Comments, suggestions and exciting accessories in addition to the above listed, are welcome.

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Leather Fashion must haves for 2012

A new year represents new hopes and dreams but most importantly, new resolutions. Resolve to look stunning all through the year with our list of “must-have,s” leather products for both men and women!

Don’t be caught dead without these accessories this year!!!!!


  1. Large leather clutch bags


They are big, they are bold, and they are gorgeous. Large clutches were not very loud in 2011 but it has been predicted that they will take centre stage in 2012. Be at the forefront of this fashion trend!

  1. Leather Fold over bags


A lot of designers strode their models on runways with these delightful hand bags in late 2011. It’s rumored that in 2012 if you don’t have one of these you may have to surrender your feminism and be transformed into a boy.

  1. Leather Peep toe boots


Hot all through 2011 and predicted to maintain the steam all through 2012 as well, leather peep toe boots are a style statement all by themselves. Don’t start your new year without them.

  1. Leather shoulder bags


Shoulder bags or “sling bags” as they are popularly known are still going to pitch a tent in 2012. If you thought you had seen fascinating styles before, get ready to have your mind blown in 2012.

  1. Nude shoes


They are the perfect color to style any outfit. They work with brown, yellow, green, red etc. The color nude is definitely in vogue and nude shoes will further add class to your 2012.

  1. Cute Mary Jane’s redefined


Did you wear Mary Jane’s in school? Well some interesting designers have added sophistication to your regular Mary Jane’s. These hot numbers are no longer for high school girls I assure you. Drag, blackmail or pout, your man must definitely get you one of these as a gift this year.


  1. Leather plimsols


Plimsols ruled in 2011. They came in all sorts of color, fabric and styles. However, in to 2012 plimsols will take a more mature look. Plimsols in leather gives you that mature yet trendy edge and with a good dress sense, you can make them work on corporate outfits as well.

2. Patent pumps


Years before now, if you wore patent shoes people would think you were in the navy. But now patent shoes dominate male fashion as they automatically transform any simple outfit into a glamour show. It ruled early 2011 and from our predictions, we are sure patent pumps will definitely rule 2012 as well.

3. Fancy man bags


Ditch the boring suitcases in 2011 and launch into 2012 with these elegant leather man bags.

4. Stylish boat shoes


Color blocking is definitely returning this year. So guys yet again you can get away with some really crazy colors. Stylish colorful boat shoes will give your casual look the chic edge that compliments your style.

That’s all folks!!!

We are so glad to have you with us in 2012, be rest assured we are having sleepless nights assuring you are well informed about leather. Happy New Year people!!!!!

For your fashionable leather accessories contact:


+234 703 312 4884

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Many times, I have purchased a leather bag, shoe or furniture from a sales person who practically swore on his/her dead granny’s grave that I’ll not regret the purchase. However, some weeks later (or somtimes the very next day), the leather product starts to peel off, wearing a tacky look that makes you want to discard it right away.

How then, can we tell the difference between real leather goods and faux leather goods? Here are some easy ways to spot the difference.


Try smelling the leather goods. (Try not to look awkward sniffing through furniture in a furniture shop) If it doesn’t have that distinct “leather” scent, you can be sure that it’s a fake.

Another way to identify real leather is to check for pores (where the animal’s hair was). Pores on fake leathers will be in a repeatedly consistent pattern, whereas pores on the real leather will be more irregular. It is skin after all.

Also try feeling the leather, especially if it’s a bag or outfit. Faux leather feels smoother and harder but real leather feels softer and thicker.

Consider trying the fingernail test by digging into the material with your nail tip. If it’s real leather it will leave an imprint that fades very slowly as it would if you did it on your skin. However if it’s fake leather, it won’t leave an imprint at all.

For leather goods that have the back exposed, check if it’s a fabric-like backing or if it is like suede. If it is like suede it’s most likely real leather. Fake leather will have either a cloth backing or it will have a plastic backing.


The sure way to avoid all the trouble is to purchase your leather goods from a genuine, well trusted leather shop. That way you don’t have to sniff or feel anything. SioD handcrafted leather for instance has a leather factory right here in Nigeria. You can be rest assured that whatever you are buying is genuine.


+234 703 312 4884

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When the word “Gift Hamper” is mentioned what comes to mind? A wooden basket filled with items like Cornflakes, Biscuit, St Louis sugar, bottle of wine, Juice, and a host of very regular and super boring items we see year after year after year. If you send this type of hamper as a gift to someone, it most likely joins a host of similar gift baskets and you will be forgotten faster than one of your cornflakes boxes.

However, if you really want to make a statement with your gift hampers, consider sending a leather inspired hamper enriched with some fantastic ideas!

It’s very unique, very classy and the receiver will remember you long after the items in the basket/box are done. Let’s take a look at how to make one shall we;

Leather gift containers come in various beautiful options. Your choice of container largely depends on the content of your hamper and who you are giving it to.


The beauty of a leather container is the fact that your recipient can use the container for several other things, ranging from a magazine rack to a box for delicate items.


To achieve that unique, picture perfect look with your hamper, consider filling the container with hay.

Try something different, consider making a cosmetics hamper as an alternative to the regular provisions hamper. You could stick to a specific brand or choose to vary. This could be cosmetics for women or men. A leather basket or leather gift box will accomplish this task perfectly.


Astonish your recipient with a sweet tooth hamper. Keep it strictly chocolates, sweets, jams etc. Display them in a portable, tasteful leather gift box and you can win the heart of the most difficult person.

When giving your father in-law a hamper, you really want to make a good impression (or else you will have to return his daughter). Try giving him a wine inspired leather box hamper. It’s sophisticated and strong. You could mix strong drinks with non alcoholic or keep it simple. This all depends on your recipient.

Another way to make a unique leather hamper is to make a leather fruit basket. This will be well appreciated and the leather basket can be used over and over again.


For the rest of us who would rather stick with our old ways and just give out a provisions hamper as always, you can choose between a box and a basket container. The box can be customized to your specifications or you could just replace a wooden basket with a leather one to give the hamper a whole new look.

Finally, packaging is everything. Make sure you wrap your hamper as elegantly as possible. Seal boxes with ribbons to give it the “gift” feel and bow a leather basket hamper like you would do to a basket hamper. In all, let the recipient feel honored and special because you took your time in sending a gift.

Happy Holidays People!!!

For your unique leather baskets and boxes, contact us:


+234 703 312 4884

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Are you tired of walking into the same old house everyday? (At least I know I am…), do you want to put a touch of class without burning the holes of your pocket? Well, join the club!!!

With simple leather details, your house can go from looking like every regular house to a modern masterpiece. It’s affordable and readily available, you just didn’t know about it.

People everywhere are taking advantage of these items to add a touch of class to their homes…lets take a look!!!  


living-room with wall mirror

Wall mirrors in the living room are classic. When they are cased with leather, your living room is instantly transformed.


Leather throw pillows on cloth sofa

Leather throw pillow blended with cloth pillows

Whether you have leather or cloth sofa, decorating them with leather throw pillows is another way of adding a touch of class to your living room. While they are perfect for tossing at annoying friends without the fear of tear, you can also blend them with cloth pillows in the bedroom!!!!


6 piece leather wine rack

12 piece leather wine rack


Leather wine box

You don’t have to own a mini bar to enjoy the beauty of displaying wine. With a unique leather wine rack, your guest will be just as impressed.



Smaller Leather trays

When Guest, Business    Associates, Family members or that special someone pays you a visit, serving snacks in unique leather trays takes your hospitality to a whole new level. Besides, these leather trays are so easy to clean.


Make every meal a touch of class with unique leather napkin holders. Dazzle your guest and impress your in-laws.Tissue boxes in leather also look fabulous in guest rooms.

Leather Tissue box


Protect your furniture from water rings with elegant leather coaster sets. This will make your neighbours jealous and will leave your guest with something to think about.

For these and many more unique and beautiful leather home accessories, contact us:

+234 703 312 4884

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